Image du cours HSK-1 Chinese Elementary 1
Mandarin Chinese
Days: Mon, Wed, Friday
Duration: 16 classes of 3 hours
Starts on: lundi 16 mai 2022, 19:00

This is 48 hours of HSK-1 group training with a maximum size of 7 students.  Where course takers can understand and use very simple Chinese phrases, and words and understand Pinyin which will enable them to type Mandarin Chinese on a computer or mobile device. 

Image du cours HSK-2 Mandarin Elementary 1
Mandarin Chinese
Days: Mon, Wed, Sat
Duration: 35 class of 1 hour

Dive into more of the cultural nuances and get accustomed to an additional vocabulary of 300 characters. This level will help you converse and discuss your interests in mandarin. 

Image du cours B 1 Mandarin Level 3 part 1
Mandarin Chinese
Days: Saturday
Duration: 30 class of 1 hour
Starts on: samedi 22 mai 2021, 17:00

A intermediate level course design to increase your interest in learning Mandarin Chinese and able to speak wide range of topics. The participants will learn 600 HSK3 characters and their Chinese pronunciation. One will also learn to count in Chinese up to 1000000, talk about oneself in detail, talk about the date, time, days of the week and also learn HSK 3 grammar